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Universal Valve Lockouts BAN-F32

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Material: 304 stainless steel + Nylon & Fiber Weight: 660g Color: Red

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-F32

Universal Valve Lockouts BAN-F32

Enhance workplace safety with the Beian Universal Valve Lockout BAN-F32. Crafted from durable 304 stainless steel and nylon fiber, this lockout device ensures reliable protection for valves in industrial settings. Weighing 660g and featuring a striking red color, it offers high visibility and robust construction for long-lasting performance. Equipped with a double arm design, adjustable jaw, and versatile stop arm, it provides flexible and secure locking options for a wide range of valve sizes. Ideal for pipes requiring permanent closure, this valve lockout is an essential tool for implementing effective lockout-tagout procedures and preventing unauthorized access to critical equipment.

Versatile Lockout Solution for Valve Handles

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality 304 stainless steel and reinforced nylon fiber, the BAN-F32 valve lockout offers durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring reliable performance in industrial environments.
Enhanced Visibility: The striking red color provides high visibility, making it easy to identify and locate the lockout device within the facility, enhancing safety awareness among workers.
Double Arm Design: Equipped with a double arm configuration, the lockout device offers increased stability and security when applied to valves, minimizing the risk of accidental operation.
Adjustable Jaw: The jaw of the lockout device can be adjusted from 0 to 33mm, allowing for secure locking of valves with varying sizes and configurations, providing versatility in application.
Versatile Stop Arm: The stop arm of the device can move forwards and backwards or rotate as needed, enabling flexible positioning and ensuring a snug fit around the valve, enhancing security during lockout procedures.
Permanent Closure Solution: Ideal for pipes that need to remain permanently open, the BAN-F32 valve lockout provides a reliable solution for preventing unauthorized access to critical valves, enhancing workplace safety and compliance with lockout-tagout regulations.
Easy to Install and Remove: The lockout device can be quickly installed and removed without the need for special tools, allowing for efficient lockout procedures and minimizing downtime during maintenance and servicing.
Comprehensive Lockout Solution: Suitable for a wide range of industrial valves, the BAN-F32 lockout device offers a comprehensive solution for implementing lockout-tagout procedures across various applications, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.
Essential Safety Measure: By effectively isolating valves from energy sources, the valve lockout helps prevent accidents, injuries, and equipment damage, promoting a safer work environment and regulatory compliance.


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