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About Us

Why choose RESEL CA Inc.? Because we know that safety is about much more than purchasing items from a catalog or checking services off of a list. We build authentic relationships with our clients, for the best possible service, cost structures and outcomes. Count on RESEL CA Inc.:

  1. Fast Turnarounds - we offer lockout/tagout solutions, lockout boxes, labels, signs and tags ready to select and a streamlined for industrial, commercial and privat use. Hassle-free ordering process – as well as the option to expedite even faster when a rush order is needed. From efficient online ordering to hands-on collaboration, we’re dedicated to meeting your needs.
  2. Quality to Rely On
    Our quality commitment means we offer top materials and we’re a official distrinutor Beian-Lock in Canada.

Our aims are as follows:

  1. To supply a wide selection of top-quality products
  2. To deliver unbeatable customer services
  3. To provide expert guidance on all aspects of choosing
  4. To offer great deals on all of our products

Our goal at RESEL CA Inc. is to help our customers find all of the equipment that they need in order to work without danger. To this end, we are constantly expanding our range of products offered to include all of the newest innovations in the world of lockout/tagout solutions.

Where Is RESEL CA Inc. Based?

The RESEL CA Inc. headquarters are located in York, Ontario, Canada. All of our customer care team are CA based, meaning that when you contact us you can be sure that you're not talking to someone 1000 miles away, but someone that is here and ready to help!

Why is LOTO Important?

The importance of keeping yourself and your employees safe while working cannot be overstated. Using the wrong LOTO solutions can lead to accidents and injuries, some of which can be permanent and life-changing. Using the correct lockout/tagout system – whether this is a Safety Padlock, or just a safety tag – can make the difference between staying safe or being involved in a workplace accident.

For employers, the need for quality workwear is just as important – you have a duty to keep your employees as safe as possible and if you cut corners, this can lead to litigation, loss of productivity and general wastage.

Where to next?

Now you've gotten acquainted with who we are, why don't you take a look around our site and see if there is anything that we can offer to keep you safe? If you would like some help getting started, please contact our Customer Care Team on 416-278-41-78 or at [email protected] and one of our representatives will be happy to help you find the perfect lockout/tagout solution.