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About Us

Why choose RESEL CA Inc.? Because we understand that safety involves much more than simply purchasing items from a catalog or checking services off a list. We establish genuine relationships with our clients to provide the best possible service, cost structures, and outcomes. Rely on RESEL CA Inc. for:

Fast Turnarounds - We offer lockout/tagout solutions, lockout boxes, labels, signs, and tags designed for industrial, commercial, and private use. Our streamlined ordering process allows for efficient online ordering and hands-on collaboration, and we even offer the option to expedite orders for rush situations.

Hassle-free Ordering Process - We provide a straightforward ordering process, with the added option of expediting orders when urgent.

Quality to Depend On - Our commitment to quality means that we offer top-notch materials, and we're an official distributor of Beian-Lock products in Canada.

Our Objectives Are:

  1. To provide a wide selection of high-quality products.
  2. To deliver unbeatable customer service.
  3. To offer expert guidance on all aspects of product selection.
  4. To provide excellent deals on all our products.

At RESEL CA Inc., our goal is to assist customers in finding the equipment they need to work without danger. For this purpose, we consistently expand our range of products to include the latest innovations in lockout/tagout solutions.

Where Is RESEL CA Inc. Based?

The headquarters of RESEL CA Inc. are located in York, Ontario, Canada. Our entire customer care team is based in Canada, ensuring that when you reach out to us, you're speaking to someone who is here and ready to help, not someone located thousands of miles away.

Why is LOTO Important?

The significance of ensuring your own safety and the safety of your employees while working cannot be emphasized enough. Using incorrect LOTO solutions can result in accidents and injuries, some of which may have permanent and life-altering consequences. Employing the right lockout/tagout system – whether it's a Safety Padlock or a safety tag – can be the determining factor between maintaining safety or encountering a workplace incident.

For employers, prioritizing high-quality workwear is equally crucial – you bear the responsibility of keeping your employees as safe as possible. Cutting corners in this regard can lead to legal action, reduced productivity, and overall inefficiency.

What's Next?

Now that you've become familiar with who we are, why not explore our website to see if there's anything we can provide to enhance your safety? If you need assistance in getting started, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team at 416-278-41-78 or via email at [email protected]. One of our representatives will be delighted to help you discover the perfect lockout/tagout solution.