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Safety Cable lockouts

Safety Cable lockouts are an ideal solution for an easy application. Safety cable lockouts work great for multiple lockout situations such as valves, items with various moving parts, doors, gates and more. The cables can be strung though multiple areas to ensure that sensitive items remain safe and secured. Weave them through a set of valve handles or use them to secure access to equipment or machinery. The beauty of cable lockouts is their capability to be used in a number of situations, especially for items that need to be secured in an awkward or oblong fashion that normal lockout devices cannot achieve.

Cable Lockout BAN-L02
$ 21.33

Cable Lockout BAN-L02Steel cable diameter is 4mm with red transparent plastic surrounding,length is ..

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Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1
$ 21.69

Cable Lockout BAN-L10 / BAN-L10-1Ideal for use on gate valves or to lockout multiple itemsCable leng..

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CABLE LOCKOUT BAN-L201Perfect for use on disconnect switches and small gate valves Extremely co..

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Cable Lockout BAN-L21
$ 15.65

Cable Lockout BAN-L21Lockout device suitable for valves, gas cylinders and electrical devices.Cable ..

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Multi-purpose Cable Lockout BAN-L13
$ 34.84

Multi-purpose Cable Lockout BAN-L13Steel Cable diameter:3mm  Length:1.2mmMain part is made from..

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Multipurpose Cable Lockout BAN-L01

Multipurpose Cable Lockout BAN-L01Made from Impact resistant engineering plastic nylon PAUsed 2.4 me..

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RETRACTABLE Cable Lockouts BAN-L18/L18-1
$ 97.99

RETRACTABLE Cable Lockouts BAN-L18/L18-1BAN-L18: Retractable Cable Lockout Device- With Adjustable S..

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Wheel Type Cable Lockout BAN-L31
$ 16.37

Wheel Type Cable Lockout BAN-L31Manufactured from an impact resistant copolymer polypropylene,stainl..

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