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Safety Cable lockouts

Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1 In stock
Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1
$ 11.08

Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1Ensure comprehensive equipment lockout with Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1 from Beian-Lock. Crafted from durable ABS+PS plastic in vibrant red, these lockouts are ideal for gate valves and multiple item lockout applications. With dimensions of 70*86.7*34.5 (mm) and weighing 158g, they come with a 1.5m (BAN-L10) or 1.8m (BAN-L10-1) cable, accommodating up to 5 padlocks for secure lockout. Featuring an 8mm keyhole diameter and labels for date and signature, these lo..

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Multi-purpose Cable Lockout BAN-L13 Multi-purpose Cable Lockout BAN-L13 In stock
Multi-purpose Cable Lockout BAN-L13
$ 11.90

Multi-purpose Cable Lockout BAN-L13Secure multiple control points efficiently with the Multi-purpose Cable Lockout BAN-L13. Crafted from durable polypropylene with a robust steel cable, this lockout device ensures versatile application and enhanced safety. Its ergonomic design allows for easy tightening, while its ability to accommodate up to 7 padlocks reduces equipment costs. Compact and lightweight, it offers high portability for various lockout situations.Versatile Solution for Comprehensive..

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Universal Cable Lockout BAN-L23 In stock
Universal Cable Lockout BAN-L23
$ 11.44

Universal Cable Lockout BAN-L23Enhance workplace safety with the Beian-Lock Universal Cable Lockout BAN-L23. Crafted from durable plastic and steel cable, this lockout device is designed to effectively secure various energy sources. Featuring a lightweight construction weighing 150g and a combination of black and red colors for high visibility, it ensures easy handling, carrying, and operation. The device comes with a steel cable for versatile locking applications, providing essential protection..

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Wheel Type Cable Lockout BAN-L31 In stock
Wheel Type Cable Lockout BAN-L31
$ 7.91

Wheel Type Cable Lockout BAN-L31Secure your equipment with the Beian-Lock Wheel Type Cable Lockout BAN-L31. Crafted from impact-resistant copolymer polypropylene and featuring stainless steel internal parts, this lockout device offers durable and reliable protection for various applications. The 4mm diameter steel cable, available in lengths of 1.5m or 1.8m, ensures versatile lockout options, while the PVC coating enhances durability and visibility. With the ability to accommodate up to 8 padloc..

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Cable Lockout BAN-L02 Pre order
Cable Lockout BAN-L02
$ 21.33

Cable Lockout BAN-L02Enhance workplace safety with Cable Lockout BAN-L02, featuring a durable construction of polycarbonate and stainless steel. With dimensions of 150mm(L) x 57.5mm(H) x 10mm(T) and weighing 239g, this red lockout includes a 4mm steel cable with red transparent plastic, in lengths of 0.5m, 1.2m, and 1.8m. Complete with a quality hasp and 1.8-meter cable wire, it enables the creation of a comprehensive Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedure to isolate various energy sources. Additionall..

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CABLE LOCKOUT BAN-L201Secure your equipment with ease using the BAN-L201 Cable Lockout from Beian-Lock. Constructed with a red glass-filled nylon body and black button, this compact lockout is perfect for disconnect switches and small gate valves. With dimensions of 100.8mm (Diameter) and 45.27mm (Thickness), it features a push-button self-winding mechanism for effortless cable tightening, offering superior chemical, corrosion, and temperature resistance. Choose between vinyl-coated steel or non..

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Cable Lockout BAN-L21 Pre order
Cable Lockout BAN-L21
$ 15.65

Cable Lockout BAN-L21Secure your workplace equipment efficiently with the BAN-L21 Cable Lockout from Beian-Lock. Crafted from durable polypropylene in a vibrant red color, this lockout device offers versatility for valves, gas cylinders, and electrical devices. With cable length options of 1.5m or 2m, and weighing just 128g, it accommodates up to 6 padlocks, providing comprehensive lockout solutions for enhanced safety protocols.Ensure Effective Equipment Lockout with BAN-L21 Cable LockoutDurabl..

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Multipurpose Cable Lockout BAN-L01 Pre order
Multipurpose Cable Lockout BAN-L01

Multipurpose Cable Lockout BAN-L01Secure your equipment with ease using the Multipurpose Cable Lockout BAN-L01. Crafted from impact-resistant engineering plastic nylon PA, this lockout device offers reliable protection against unauthorized access to machinery and electrical panels. Featuring a 2.4-meter stainless steel cable with an anti-UV PVC outer layer, it provides durability and flexibility for versatile applications. Customize the cable length and color to suit your specific needs. Designe..

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RETRACTABLE Cable Lockouts BAN-L18/L18-1 Pre order
RETRACTABLE Cable Lockouts BAN-L18/L18-1
$ 97.99

RETRACTABLE Cable Lockouts BAN-L18/L18-1BAN-L18: Retractable Cable Lockout Device- With Adjustable Steel Core CableBAN-L18-1: Retractable Cable Lockout Device- With Adjustable Nylon Core Cable3.3mm diameter x 2.74m cable features a red plastic coating for added durability and visibilityCable reel acts as Cable Management System to allow for easier application and protected storage of the cableTough, lightweight thermoplastic body withstands chemicalsErgonomic design eases operation when wearing ..

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Safety Cable lockouts are an ideal solution for an easy application. Safety cable lockouts work great for multiple lockout situations such as valves, items with various moving parts, doors, gates and more. The cables can be strung though multiple areas to ensure that sensitive items remain safe and secured. Weave them through a set of valve handles or use them to secure access to equipment or machinery. The beauty of cable lockouts is their capability to be used in a number of situations, especially for items that need to be secured in an awkward or oblong fashion that normal lockout devices cannot achieve.