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Padlock Storage Cabinet

Padlock storage cabinet allow you and your employees to safely and effectively store locks and keys. Different models are available to choose from including racks, boxes, group boxes and more. Before the lockout process some can be used as lock holders or racks, while during the lockout process they can be used to lock keys that are needed to remove lockout. Some storage centers are wall mountable while others are portable and use a toolbox type design. Browse the inventory below and choose a padlock storage center that makes your job easier, safer and more secure.

Advanced Padlock station BAN-X09
$ 242.26

Material: Mild Steel, Dimension: 580mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 430mm(H)..

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Advanced Padlock Station BAN-X10
$ 186.97

Material: Mild Steel, Dimension: 420mm(L)×70mm(W)×300mm(H)Color: Red..

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Customized product loto padlock station BAN-X12
$ 297.52

Material: Mild Steel, Dimension: 12x15x3 inches, Weight: 5.4kgs, Color: Red..

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Five Sizes Padlocks Storage Cabinet BAN-X33
$ 164.29

Constructed from 0.6mm/1.0mm rust-proof steel with electrostatic paint in yellow.Safety isolation pa..

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Heavy Duty Padlock Station BAN-B31/B32/B33/B34
$ 10.07

Heavy Duty Padlock Station BAN-B31/B32/B33/B34Heavy gauge stell with durable powder coating finish e..

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Key Management Box Key Cabinets BAN-X72
$ 96.66

Steel construction of case and hooks for durability.Stationary use.Mounting holes for mounting to wa..

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OEM Customized Safety Lockout Station BAN-X11
$ 186.97

Material: Mild Steel, Dimension: 9 x 9 x 3 inches, Weight: 3kgs, Color: Red/Yellow..

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OEM Safety Padlocks Lockout Station with document pocket BAN-X14
$ 280.47

Material: Mild Steel, Dimension: 9 x 9 x 3 inches, Weight: 3.5kgs, Color: Red/Yellow..

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OEM security padlock management cabinet BAN-X13
$ 597.45

Material: Mild Steel, Dimension: 15x30x6 inches, Weight: 14.5kgs, Color: Red/Yellow..

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