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OEM security padlock management cabinet Beian-Lock BAN-X13

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Material: Mild Steel Dimension: 15x30x6 inches Weight: 14.5kgs Color: Red

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-X13

OEM security padlock management cabinet Beian-Lock BAN-X13

Ensure effective security padlock management with the OEM Security Padlock Management Cabinet (BAN-X13) from Beian-Lock. Crafted from robust mild steel and finished in a vibrant red color, this cabinet offers a comprehensive solution for organizing and storing padlocks and permit documents. With dimensions of 15x30x6 inches and a weight of 14.5kgs, it provides ample storage capacity while maintaining a compact design suitable for wall mounting. The cabinet features a clear pocket outside for displaying permit documents, along with a clear, impact-resistant window for easy inspection of contents. Inside, 24 hangers with multiple hooks allow for the secure storage of padlocks, while a movable shelf adds versatility for storing other lockout devices. Whether wall-mounted or carried via the built-in handle, this cabinet is ideal for larger group lockout applications, offering multi-point locking capability and efficient padlock management.

Beian-Lock BAN-X13: Enhancing Security Measures

Durable Mild Steel Construction: Constructed from high-quality mild steel material, this security padlock management cabinet ensures long-lasting durability and protection for padlocks and permit documents.
Spacious Design: With dimensions of 15x30x6 inches and a weight of 14.5kgs, the cabinet offers ample storage space for organizing a large number of padlocks and other lockout devices.
Vibrant Red Color: The bold red color enhances visibility and serves as a visual indicator of the cabinet's purpose, promoting safety awareness in the workplace.
Clear Permit Pocket: Equipped with a clear pocket on the exterior, the cabinet allows for the display of permit documents, ensuring easy access and compliance with safety regulations.
Impact-Resistant Window: Features a clear, impact-resistant window that allows for easy inspection of contents without compromising durability, enabling quick inventory checks and inspections.
Multiple Padlock Hooks: Includes 24 hangers inside the cabinet, each equipped with multiple hooks for hanging padlocks, providing secure storage and organization for large padlock collections.
Movable Shelf: Incorporates a movable shelf inside the cabinet, offering additional storage space and flexibility to accommodate various lockout devices and accessories.
Wall-Mounted Design: Designed for easy wall mounting, the cabinet can be securely installed in a convenient location for quick access during lockout procedures.
Portable Carrying Handle: Features a built-in carrying handle for portability when the cabinet is not wall-mounted, allowing for easy transportation between different work areas.
Multi-Point Locking: Designed to lock with multi-point padlocks, the cabinet ensures enhanced security and control over access to padlocks, making it ideal for larger group lockout applications.


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