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Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1

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Material: ABS+PS Plastic Dimension: 70*86.7*34.5 (mm) Weight: 158g Color: Red

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-L10, BAN-L10-1

Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1

Ensure comprehensive equipment lockout with Cable Lockout BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1 from Beian-Lock. Crafted from durable ABS+PS plastic in vibrant red, these lockouts are ideal for gate valves and multiple item lockout applications. With dimensions of 70*86.7*34.5 (mm) and weighing 158g, they come with a 1.5m (BAN-L10) or 1.8m (BAN-L10-1) cable, accommodating up to 5 padlocks for secure lockout. Featuring an 8mm keyhole diameter and labels for date and signature, these lockouts offer convenience and efficiency in security management.

Ensure Versatile Equipment Lockout with BAN-L10/BAN-L10-1 Cable Lockout

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality ABS+PS plastic, providing durability and reliability for long-term lockout protection.
Versatile Application: Ideal for use on gate valves or for locking out multiple items simultaneously, offering flexibility in lockout procedures.
Generous Cable Length: BAN-L10 comes with a 1.5m cable, while BAN-L10-1 features a 1.8m cable, providing ample length for various lockout scenarios.
Multiple Lockout Capability: Accepts up to 5 padlocks, allowing for multiple lockout points and enhancing security measures.
Convenient Keyhole Diameter: Features an 8mm keyhole diameter, suitable for locks with shackles below 8mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of padlocks.
Compact and Lightweight Design: With dimensions of 70*86.7*34.5 (mm) and weighing 158g, these lockouts are compact and lightweight, facilitating easy handling and storage.
Enhanced Visibility: Vibrant red color enhances visibility in industrial environments, ensuring clear identification of locked-out equipment.
Secure Locking Mechanism: Features a secure locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of workers and equipment.
Labels for Security Management: Includes labels with date and signature, providing convenience for security management and compliance with safety protocols.
Easy to Use: Simple and intuitive operation, allowing for quick installation and removal, enhancing efficiency in lockout procedures.


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