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Snap-on Circuit Breaker Lockouts BAN-D11/D12

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Material : Polypropylene PP+PA Weight : 16g/48g Color : Red

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D11/D12

Snap-on Circuit Breaker Lockouts BAN-D11/D12

Secure your circuit breakers effortlessly with Beian Lock Snap-on Circuit Breaker Lockouts BAN-D11/D12. Crafted from durable polypropylene PP and impact-modified PA, these lockouts offer reliable protection for single-pole and internal trip multi-pole breakers. With a versatile design, they accommodate a wide range of switch toggles for enhanced compatibility. The thumb screw ensures a secure clamp onto the switch toggle, while the cover thumbscrew locks it in place for added security. These lockouts can be easily locked with padlocks featuring shackle diameters up to 7mm, providing robust protection for your electrical systems.

Easy and Secure Lockout Solution for Circuit Breakers

Durable Construction: Made from rugged polypropylene PP and impact-modified PA for long-lasting durability and reliability.
Versatile Compatibility: Works on a wide range of single-pole and internal trip multi-pole breakers, offering versatile protection.
Secure Locking Mechanism: Use the thumb screw to clamp the lockout securely onto the switch toggle, then lock it in place with the cover thumbscrew for added security.
Padlock Compatibility: Can be locked with padlocks featuring shackle diameters up to 7mm, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access.
Lightweight Design: Weighing just 16g (BAN-D11) or 48g (BAN-D12), these lockouts are lightweight and easy to handle.
Easy Installation: Simple and straightforward installation process, requiring no special tools for setup.
Bright Red Color: High-visibility red color ensures clear identification and enhances safety awareness in the workplace.
Compact Size: Compact and portable design allows for easy storage and transportation between different lockout points.
Wide Application: Suitable for use in various industrial, commercial, and residential settings to secure electrical systems and prevent accidental operation.
Compliance: Complies with safety standards and regulations for lockout/tagout procedures, ensuring workplace safety and compliance.


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