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Plug Valve Safety Lockouts BAN-F41/F42/F43/F44

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Material:Polypropylene Plastic Color: Red

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-F41, BAN-F42, BAN-F43, BAN-F44

Plug Valve Safety Lockouts BAN-F41/F42/F43/F44

Secure your plug valves with Plug Valve Safety Lockouts BAN-F41/F42/F43/F44, crafted from durable polypropylene plastic in a vibrant red color. Available in four sizes to accommodate hand-operated plug valves with diameters ranging from 1" to 8", these lockouts effectively secure hard-to-lock-out valves. With their long-lived and durable design, they prevent damage and ensure reliable valve isolation during maintenance or repair tasks.

Secure Plug Valves with BAN-F41/F42/F43/F44 Safety Lockout Devices

Durable Polypropylene Plastic: Constructed from high-quality polypropylene plastic, these lockouts offer durability and resistance to harsh industrial environments.
Vibrant Red Color: The bright red color enhances visibility, making it easy to identify locked-out plug valves for increased safety awareness.
Four Size Options: Choose from BAN-F41, BAN-F42, BAN-F43, or BAN-F44 to suit the diameter of your hand-operated plug valves, ranging from 1" to 8".
Effective Lockout: Designed to effectively secure hard-to-be-locked-out plug valves, these lockouts ensure reliable isolation of valves during maintenance or repair tasks.
Damage Prevention: The long-lived and durable construction of these lockouts helps prevent damage to valves, ensuring their integrity and functionality over time.
Easy to Install: Simple and straightforward installation process enables quick and hassle-free application, saving time and effort during lockout procedures.
Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of industrial settings and plug valve sizes, these lockouts provide versatile lockout solutions for various valve types and diameters.

Item No.



Suitable for valve stems with diameter of 2.2mm


Suitable for valve stems with diameter from 2.3cm to 3.49cm


Suitable for valve stems with diameter from 4.4cm to 5.39cm


Suitable for valve stems with diameter from 5.5cm to 6.35cm


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