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Plug Lockouts BAN-D46

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Material: Engineering PC Weight: 14g Color: Yellow

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D46

Plug Lockouts BAN-D46

Discover Plug Lockouts BAN-D46, designed for secure electrical lockout applications in industrial settings. Crafted from durable engineering PC and featuring a vibrant yellow color for high visibility, these lockouts provide reliable insulation for plugs, ensuring enhanced safety during maintenance operations. With a lightweight design and easy installation, they offer a practical solution for preventing unauthorized access to electrical sources.

Ensure Safety with Efficient Plug Lockout Devices

Durable Engineering PC: Constructed from high-quality engineering PC material, these lockouts offer durability and resistance to withstand industrial environments.
Lightweight Design: Weighing just 14g, these lockouts are lightweight and easy to handle, facilitating convenient usage during lockout procedures.
Vibrant Yellow Color: The bright yellow color enhances visibility, ensuring clear identification of locked-out plugs for increased safety awareness.
Generous Size: With dimensions of 540mm (L) x 230mm (W), these lockouts have a generous size that accommodates plugs ranging from 16 to 125A, providing versatility for various industrial applications.
Suitable for Industrial Waterproof Lockouts: Designed to be compatible with 16-125A industrial waterproof lockouts, these plug lockouts offer broad compatibility with a range of electrical equipment.
Effective Insulation: This device provides an easy and effective method to insulate the plug from the adapter, preventing inadvertent connection to electrical sources.
Easy Installation: The lockout can be quickly fixed onto the round-shaped male plug wall, creating a barrier that blocks the plug from being connected to electric sources.


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