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Personal Safety Electrical LOTO Kit With Smart Card Padlock(TC12-1)

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-TC-12-1

Personal Safety Electrical LOTO Kit With Smart Card Padlock(TC12-1)

Enhance workplace safety with our Personal Safety Electrical LOTO Kit featuring Smart Card Padlocks. This comprehensive kit includes a variety of lockout tagout devices such as steel shackle smart card padlocks, lockout pouch, hasp lockouts, safety tags, circuit breaker lockouts, protective covers, aluminum hasp lockouts, and a safety lockout toolbox. Keep your employees safe and compliant with this advanced lockout tagout solution.

Safeguard Yourself with Advanced Lockout-Tagout Tools and Smart Card Technology

Smart Card Padlocks: Includes three 38mm steel shackle smart card padlocks (SC02J) for enhanced security and convenience, allowing authorized personnel to access locked-out equipment using smart cards.
Lockout Pouch: Features a 3-pocket lockout pouch (BAN-T71) for organizing and storing lockout tagout devices, ensuring easy access during maintenance procedures.
Steel Hasp Lockouts: Provides one steel hasp lockout (BAN-K01, 1") for securing energy isolating devices with multiple padlocks, enhancing safety during maintenance tasks.
Safety Tags: Includes 12 "Do Not Operate" safety tags (BAN-P04) for labeling and identifying locked-out equipment, promoting clear communication and safety awareness in the workplace.
Circuit Breaker Lockouts: Features two easily circuit breaker lockouts (BAN-D87) and two multi-functional breaker lockouts (BAN-D95) for securely isolating circuit breakers during maintenance procedures.
Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout: Provides two universal circuit breaker lockouts (BAN-D20RED, Red) for locking out circuit breakers of various sizes, ensuring compatibility with different equipment.
Socket/Switch Protective Cover: Includes one socket/switch protective cover (BAN-D06) to prevent accidental operation of switches and sockets, enhancing workplace safety.
Aluminum Ten-hole Hasp Lockouts: Offers one aluminum ten-hole hasp lockout (BAN-K64) for securing energy isolating devices with multiple padlocks, providing additional lockout points.
Safety Lockout Tool Box: Features one safety lockout toolbox (BAN-X17/1017) for convenient storage and transportation of lockout tagout devices, ensuring accessibility wherever lockout tagout procedures are required.
Comprehensive Lockout Tagout Solution: Provides a complete set of advanced lockout tagout devices necessary for safely isolating energy sources and preventing accidental equipment activation, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and fatalities.


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