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Personal Maintenance Lockout Tagout Kits (TC01)

Unit: Set Total Weight: 1365g

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-TC01

Personal Maintenance Lockout Tagout Kits (TC01)

Ensure safety during maintenance tasks with our Personal Maintenance Lockout Tagout Kit (TC01). This kit includes essential lockout tagout devices such as lockout hasps, safety tags, and a variety of safety padlocks in different colors. Keep your workplace secure and compliant with safety regulations with this comprehensive kit.

Ensure Personal Safety During Maintenance Operations with Comprehensive Kits

Lockout Tagout Bag: Includes a convenient 3-pocket lockout tagout bag (BAN-T21) for organizing and storing lockout tagout devices, ensuring easy access during maintenance procedures.
Reliable Lockout Hasps: Features BAN-K11 and BAN-K12 lockout hasps (1 piece each) for securing energy isolating devices with multiple padlocks, enhancing safety during maintenance tasks.
Abundant Safety Tags: Provides 15 BAN-P04 safety tags for labeling and identifying locked-out equipment, promoting clear communication and safety awareness in the workplace.
Color-Coded Safety Padlocks: Includes a variety of safety padlocks in different colors, including one 206Yellow padlock, two 201Red padlocks, two 202Blue padlocks, two S01Red padlocks, and two S02Red padlocks, allowing for easy identification and management of lockout devices.
Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of maintenance tasks in industrial settings, construction sites, and facilities management, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and preventing workplace accidents.
Durable Construction: Each component is constructed from high-quality materials for durability and reliability in demanding work environments, providing long-lasting protection during lockout tagout procedures.
Comprehensive Lockout Tagout Solution: Offers a complete set of lockout tagout devices necessary for safely isolating energy sources and preventing accidental equipment activation, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and fatalities.
Easy to Use: Designed for user convenience and ease of operation, allowing maintenance personnel to efficiently implement lockout tagout procedures and ensure workplace safety.
Compact and Portable: The compact size and lightweight design of the kit make it easy to carry and transport between job sites, ensuring accessibility wherever lockout tagout procedures are required.
Cost-Effective Solution: Provides an economical solution for implementing lockout tagout procedures, helping organizations reduce the risk of accidents and associated costs while maintaining compliance with safety standards.


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