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Personal Electrical Maintenance Lockout Tagout Kits (TC04)

Unit: Set Total Weight: 3158g

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-TC04

Personal Electrical Maintenance Lockout Tagout Kits (TC04)

Be prepared for electrical maintenance tasks with our Personal Electrical Maintenance Lockout Tagout Kit (TC04). This comprehensive kit includes essential lockout tagout devices such as safety padlocks, lockout hasps, safety tags, and circuit breaker lockouts. Safeguard yourself and your team against electrical hazards during maintenance procedures with this reliable kit.

Stay Safe During Electrical Maintenance Tasks with Convenient Kits

Lockout Tagout Bag: Includes a durable lockout tagout bag (BAN-T28-3) for convenient storage and transport of lockout tagout devices, ensuring accessibility during maintenance tasks.
High-Quality Safety Padlocks: Features KD 202Red and KD S02Red safety padlocks (3 pieces each) for securing energy isolating devices, providing reliable protection against electrical hazards.
Versatile Lockout Hasps: Provides BAN-K11 and BAN-K41 lockout hasps (1 piece each) for securing multiple padlocks to electrical switches and circuit breakers, enabling effective lockout procedures.
Abundant Safety Tags: Offers 10 BAN-P04 safety tags for labeling and identifying locked-out equipment, enhancing communication and safety awareness in the workplace.
Secure Circuit Breaker Lockouts: Includes universal circuit breaker (BAN-D20) and electrical circuit breaker (BAN-D95) lockouts (2 pieces and 1 piece, respectively) to securely isolate electrical circuits during maintenance activities.
Protective Switch Covers: Features a mushroom press-key switch protective cover (BAN-D50 full set) for safeguarding emergency stop switches, preventing accidental activation during maintenance tasks.
Emergency Stop Lockouts: Provides BAN-D56 and BAN-D59 emergency stop lockouts (1 piece each) for preventing unauthorized use of emergency stop switches, enhancing workplace safety.
Plug Lockouts: Offers small (BAN-D41) and large (BAN-D42) plug lockouts (1 piece each) for securely isolating electrical plugs, preventing unauthorized use and electrical accidents.
Multi-Function Breaker Lockouts: Includes multi-function breaker lockouts (BAN-D17, BAN-D18, BAN-D87) (1 piece each) for effectively isolating various types of circuit breakers, enhancing versatility in lockout procedures.
Comprehensive Electrical Lockout Solution: Ensures compliance with electrical lockout tagout procedures to protect personnel from electrical hazards and prevent workplace accidents.
Durable Construction: Each component is constructed from high-quality materials for durability and reliability in industrial environments, providing long-lasting protection during maintenance operations.


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