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NFPA Diamond Tags

Material: PVC Dimensions: 14.29cm(H)*7.94cm(W)*0.05cm(T) Hole Diameter: 0.95cm

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: NFPA Diamond Tags

NFPA Diamond Tags

Ensure proper hazard identification and compliance with NFPA standards using these NFPA Diamond Tags. Made from durable PVC material, these tags feature dimensions of 14.29cm (H) x 7.94cm (W) x 0.05cm (T) and a hole diameter of 0.95cm for easy attachment. Simply write the appropriate hazard code numbers on these tags using a permanent marker, then seal the laminating flap to protect the text from smudging and wear. Each tag comes with an included cable tie for convenient attachment, making them ideal for a variety of industrial and workplace settings.

Enhance Safety Compliance with Clear Identification

NFPA Compliance: Designed to meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards, ensuring proper hazard identification and compliance with safety regulations.
Durable PVC Material: Constructed from high-quality PVC material, these tags offer durability and longevity in industrial environments.
Generous Dimensions: Each tag measures 14.29cm (H) x 7.94cm (W) x 0.05cm (T), providing ample space for writing hazard code numbers and ensuring visibility in various workplace settings.
Easy Customization: Write hazard code numbers on the tags using a permanent marker, allowing for easy customization to suit specific hazard identification requirements.
Laminating Flap: Features a laminating flap that can be sealed to protect the written text from smudging, wear, and environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting durability.
Secure Attachment: Includes a cable tie for secure attachment to equipment, machinery, or designated hazard areas, preventing accidental removal or loss.
Versatile Application: Suitable for use in a wide range of industrial, manufacturing, and workplace environments to facilitate effective hazard communication and safety compliance.
Clear Hazard Identification: Provides clear and concise hazard identification, helping to prevent accidents, injuries, and property damage by alerting personnel to potential hazards.


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