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Metal Plug Lock BAN-D108/D108-1

Material: Metal Color: Red

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D108/D108-1

Metal Plug Lock BAN-D108/D108-1

Enhance your workplace safety with the robust Metal Plug Lock BAN-D108 (small size) / D108-1 (Bigger size). Crafted from durable metal in a vibrant red color, these plug locks offer reliable protection against unauthorized access to electrical plugs. With a wall thickness of 2mm and rounded corners for safety, they provide sturdy construction without compromising user comfort. Designed to resist drops, sunlight, and extrusion, these locks ensure long-lasting performance in various industrial environments. Choose between two sizes to suit your specific needs and applications.

Secure Locking Solution for Different Sized Plugs

Durable Metal Construction: Made from high-quality metal, these plug locks offer strength and durability for reliable performance in industrial settings.
Vibrant Red Color: The bold red color enhances visibility and serves as a visual deterrent, signaling that equipment is locked out for maintenance or repair.
Wall Thickness: Features a robust wall thickness of 2mm, providing added strength and security to prevent unauthorized access to electrical plugs.
Rounded Corners: Designed with rounded corners to prevent injuries and ensure user safety during handling and installation.
Anti-Drop and Anti-Sun Protection: Resistant to drops and sunlight exposure, these plug locks maintain their integrity and functionality even in challenging environments.
Anti-Extrusion Design: Built to withstand extrusion forces, ensuring that the lock remains securely in place without damage or deformation.
Two Sizes Available: Choose between the small size (BAN-D108) and the larger size (D108-1) to accommodate different plug sizes and applications.
Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and institutional settings, including manufacturing plants, construction sites, and warehouses.
Easy to Install: Simple and straightforward installation process, allowing for quick deployment and effective lockout of electrical plugs.
Compliance Assurance: Helps organizations comply with safety regulations and standards by providing a reliable lockout solution for electrical equipment.


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