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Metal-Detectable Cardstock Write-On Tags

Material: Aluminium-Laminated Cardstock Thickness: 0.70cm

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: Metal-Detectable Cardstock Write-On Tags

Metal-Detectable Cardstock Write-On Tags

Stay organized and compliant with Metal-Detectable Cardstock Write-On Tags. Crafted from aluminum-laminated cardstock, these tags label totes, ingredient bags, racks, and more in food processing plants. Designed to set off metal detectors if they fall into your line, they help ensure food safety and compliance with HACCP programs. FDA compliant and resistant to water and chemicals, these tags offer durability and reliability. Available in multiple colors for GMP adherence, they're customizable with a food-grade permanent marker or pen.

Ensuring Safety and Traceability in Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industries

Aluminum-Laminated Cardstock: Tags are laminated with aluminum, making them detectable by metal detectors if they fall into the production line.
Food Safety Compliance: Helps comply with HACCP programs to prevent contaminated food from leaving the plant, ensuring consumer safety.
FDA Compliant: Suitable for direct contact with food, providing peace of mind regarding food safety regulations.
Versatile Labeling: Ideal for labeling totes, ingredient bags, racks, and other items in food processing plants.
Multiple Color Options: Available in various colors to facilitate color-coding for different lines or areas, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
Durable Construction: Aluminum-laminated cardstock resists water and chemicals, ensuring longevity and reliability in challenging environments.
Writable Surface: Top layer of cardstock allows for easy writing with a food-grade permanent marker or pen, facilitating clear labeling.
Tear-Resistant Design: Glossy film on the back enhances durability and makes the tags hard to tear, ensuring long-lasting use.


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