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Metal and X-Ray Detectable Lockout/Tagout Tags

Material: Polypropylene Dimensions: 12.06cm(H)*6.98cm(W)*0.317cm(T) Dimensions Grommet: 3.06cm(H)*1.18cm(W)

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: Metal- and X-Ray-Detectable Lockout/Tagout Tags

Metal and X-Ray Detectable Lockout/Tagout Tags

Enhance food safety measures with Metal- and X-Ray-Detectable Lockout/Tagout Tags. Designed for the food industry, these tags help prevent unexpected machine startups during maintenance, minimizing contamination risks. Featuring metal and chemical additives, they trigger metal detectors and X-ray machines if they enter food processing lines. Their blue color and lockout label on each side ensure easy visibility. Compliant with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs and FDA standards, they're safe for direct food contact. Crafted from durable polypropylene, these tags withstand repeated use and are writable with food-safe markers. The large hole allows for easy hanging.

Enhanced Safety Measures for Industrial Equipment Lockout

Food Industry Compliance: Specifically designed for use in the food industry to prevent contamination risks during maintenance and repair work.
Metal and X-Ray Detectable: Contains metal and chemical additives that trigger metal detectors and X-ray machines if they enter food processing lines.
Easy Visibility: Blue color with a lockout label on each side ensures easy identification and visibility in food processing environments.
FDA Compliant: Complies with FDA standards for direct contact with food, ensuring food safety.
Durable Construction: Made of polypropylene, these tags are durable and withstand repeated use in industrial environments.
Writeable Surface: Writable with markers suitable for use in the food industry, allowing for clear labeling and instructions.
Large Hanging Hole: Features a large hole for easy hanging on machinery or equipment during lockout/tagout procedures.
Peel-Resistant Labels: Labels are designed not to peel or scrape off, maintaining clear instructions and warnings over time.


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