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MCB Electrical Lockout BAN-D08 for Hager Circuit Breaker

Color: Red Weight: 25g Size: 46.8mm(L)*35.8mm(W)*22mm(H)

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D08

MCB Electrical Lockout BAN-D08 for Hager Circuit Breaker

Secure your Hager circuit breakers with the MCB Electrical Lockout BAN-D08. Featuring a durable engineering nylon lock body in vibrant red, this lockout device ensures electrical safety in industrial and commercial settings. With dimensions of 46.8mm (L) x 35.8mm (W) x 22mm (H) and a weight of 25g, it offers lightweight yet robust protection.

MCB Electrical Lockout BAN-D08 for Hager Circuit Breaker

Durable Engineering Nylon Construction: The lock body is crafted from durable, light, and insulated engineering nylon, providing eco-friendly, non-corrosive, and temperature-resistant properties (+160℃ / -50℃) for reliable performance in various environments.
Versatile Locking Mechanism: The lock part inside the device can be moved back and forth to control the state of open/close, ensuring precise and secure lockout of Hager circuit breakers.
Easy Installation: Simply move the lock part forward to exceed 3mm over the lockout, insert it into the circuit breaker's switch hole, align the holes of the lock body and lock part, then secure it with a padlock for effective lockout.
Stainless Steel Lock Pin: The lock pin is made of stainless steel, providing anti-rust and anti-oxidant properties for long-lasting durability and reliable insertion into the switch hole of the circuit breaker.
Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 25g, this lockout device is light, easy to carry, and convenient to use, facilitating quick and efficient lockout procedures without added bulk.
Compatibility: Specifically designed for Hager circuit breakers with a pin hole diameter of 1.0mm, ensuring precise fit and effective lockout for enhanced electrical safety.
Padlock Compatibility: Compatible with padlocks with a shackle diameter of less than 7mm, recommended for use with BEIAN LOCK safety padlock 201 series and S02 series for optimal performance.
Safety Precautions: With a fixed 0.9mm lock pin on the circuit breaker, it's important to note that using excessive force (12-15kgs) to open the lockout is prohibited during lockout operations to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.
Wide Application: Suitable for use in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and electrical maintenance operations, providing essential protection against accidental power activation and ensuring worker safety during maintenance tasks.


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