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Maintenance Record Tag B6478

Color: Black Material: PVC Size: 127mm(H)x76.2mm(W)x0.5mm(T) Hole Size: 4.8mm

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: B6478

Maintenance Record Tag B6478

Keep track of maintenance activities with Maintenance Record Tag B6463. Crafted from durable PVC material in yellow, these tags feature ample space for recording maintenance details. With dimensions of 142.9mm (H) x 79.4mm (W) x 0.8mm (T) and a 9.5mm steel hole for easy attachment, these tags provide a reliable solution for maintenance documentation.

Keep Track of Maintenance Activities with this Record Tag

Durable PVC Construction: Made from high-quality PVC material, these tags offer durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance in various environments.
Vibrant Yellow Color: The bright yellow color enhances visibility, making it easy to locate and identify tagged equipment or areas requiring maintenance.
Standard Size: With dimensions of 142.9mm (H) x 79.4mm (W) x 0.8mm (T), these tags are designed to fit standard equipment and machinery, ensuring compatibility across various applications.
Steel Hole for Easy Attachment: Equipped with a 9.5mm steel hole, these tags can be easily attached to equipment, machinery, or designated maintenance areas using zip ties, chains, or hooks.
Versatile Use: Suitable for use in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings, these tags are ideal for tracking maintenance activities on machinery, tools, facilities, and infrastructure.
Weather-Resistant: Resistant to moisture, chemicals, and environmental elements, these tags maintain their integrity and legibility even in harsh conditions, ensuring reliable maintenance documentation.
Compliance with Standards: Designed to meet industry standards for maintenance record-keeping, these tags help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and safety protocols.
Easy to Use: Write directly on the tag using a permanent marker or pen to document maintenance activities, ensuring clear and concise record-keeping.


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