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Made-to-Order Sequentially Numbered Plastic Tags with Message

Material: Acrylic Plastic Thickness: 0.16cm Hole Diameter: 0.32cm

This product has a minimum quantity of 100

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: Made-to-Order Sequentially Numbered Plastic Tags with Message

Made-to-Order Sequentially Numbered Plastic Tags with Message

Customize your labeling needs with Made-to-Order Sequentially Numbered Plastic Tags with Message. Crafted from durable acrylic plastic, these tags allow you to specify a message of up to four characters and a starting number of up to four digits, facilitating sequential labeling of equipment or parts in your facility. With imprinted characters on one side and a hole diameter of 0.32cm for easy attachment, these tags offer a practical solution for efficient organization and identification.

Customizable Plastic Tags for Sequential Identification with Personalized Messages

Sequential Numbering: Specify a starting number of up to four digits to label equipment or parts in sequence, streamlining organization and inventory management processes.
Custom Message: Add a message of up to four characters, including spaces, to provide additional information or instructions for the labeled items.
Durable Construction: Crafted from durable acrylic plastic material with a thickness of 0.16cm, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
Imprinted Characters: Characters are imprinted on one side of the tag, ensuring clear visibility and easy identification of the specified message and numbering.
Large Hole Diameter: Features a hole diameter of 0.32cm, allowing for easy attachment to equipment or parts with string, wire, or cable ties.
Minimum Order Requirement: Minimum order quantity is 100 tags, making it suitable for both small-scale and large-scale labeling projects.
Versatile Applications: Ideal for use in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, warehouse management, and facility maintenance, for sequential labeling and identification purposes.
Customizable Options: Tailor each tag to your specific needs, whether for equipment tracking, inventory management, asset labeling, or safety compliance.
Easy to Use: Simply specify your message and starting number, and the tags will be delivered ready for use, offering a hassle-free labeling solution.


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