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Lockout tagout station cabinet Beian Lock X2081-1

Color: Grey Total Boxes: 20PCS Material: Mild Steel

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: X2081-1

Tags:  lockout tagout station cabinetlockout station cabinetlockout tagout storage cabinets

Lockout tagout station cabinet Beian Lock X2081-1

Enhance workplace safety and organization with the Beian Lock Lockout Tagout Station Cabinet X2081-1. Featuring a durable mild steel construction and a sleek grey color, this cabinet provides a secure and centralized storage solution for lockout tagout equipment. With a total of 20 lockout boxes, each meticulously designed for optimal functionality, this cabinet offers convenience and efficiency in managing lockout tagout procedures. Ensure compliance and streamline operations with this reliable cabinet from Beian Lock.

Organize Your Lockout Tagout Tools with Beian Lock X2081-1 Station Cabinet

Durable Construction: Made of high-quality mild steel (CRC IS 513) commercial quality of 18 gauge for long-lasting durability and resistance to wear.
Spacious Design: Each lockout box measures 150mm (length) x 200mm (height) x 100mm (depth), providing ample space for storing lockout tagout devices.
Organized Layout: Arranged in 6 boxes in a row and 4 boxes in a column configuration within the cabinet, offering a total of 24 boxes for efficient organization.
Clear Acrylic Sheet: Features a clear acrylic sheet of 4mm thickness at the center opening, equipped with stainless steel knobs for easy access and identification of the boxes.
Powder-Coated Finish: Painted with primer and powder-coated grey color, ensuring a smooth finish with a dry film thickness of 40 microns for enhanced durability and aesthetics.
Secure Locking System: Each box is equipped with 5 locks, including 4 locks with non-interchangeable keys and 1 lock with a common key at the bottom, providing added security and control.
Easy Assembly: Supplied as one assembled unit, ready for immediate installation and use, saving time and effort.
Versatile Application: Suitable for industrial facilities, construction sites, manufacturing plants, and other workplaces where lockout tagout procedures are implemented.


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