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Gas Cylinder lockouts Beian-Lock BAN-Q31

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Material: Polypropylene Weight: 202g Color: Yellow

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-Q31

Gas Cylinder lockouts Beian-Lock BAN-Q31

Ensure the safety of your gas cylinders with the Gas Cylinder Lockouts Beian-Lock BAN-Q31. Designed to prevent unauthorized operation of the main gas cylinder valve, this lockout device offers a secure solution for industrial settings. Made from durable polypropylene and featuring a lightweight design, it provides easy and quick installation, with compatibility for various valve diameters and threads. With its bright yellow color and user-friendly design, this lockout device enhances safety compliance and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Safeguard Gas Cylinders with Beian-Lock BAN-Q31 Lockouts

Secure Lockout: Safeguard gas cylinders from unauthorized access with this lockout device, which effectively prevents the operation of the main cylinder valve, enhancing safety in industrial environments.
Compatibility: Ensure a perfect match between the lock and gas cylinder cover, as this lockout device is designed to accommodate various diameters and threads, offering versatility and compatibility with different types of cylinders.
Easy Installation: With a simple and intuitive design, this lockout device can be installed in a matter of seconds, facilitating quick implementation of lockout-tagout (LOTO) procedures without the need for specialized tools or equipment.
Wide Application Range: Suitable for neck rings with a maximum diameter of 8.9cm and valve diameters ranging from 0.8cm to 4.5cm, this lockout device is versatile and adaptable to different gas cylinder configurations, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage.
Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality polypropylene, this lockout device offers durability and resilience to withstand harsh industrial conditions, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.
Lightweight Design: Weighing just 202g, this lockout device is lightweight and easy to handle, minimizing user fatigue during installation and operation.
High Visibility: The vibrant yellow color enhances visibility in industrial settings, serving as a visual indicator of locked-out gas cylinders and promoting safety awareness among workers.


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