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Engraving Plates

Material: Acrylic or Aluminum Thickness: 0.16cm

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: Engraving Plates

Engraving Plates

Personalize your belongings or enhance your business with our Engraving Plates. Simply remove the surface layer to reveal an engraved message in a contrasting color. Choose from ABS plates for rotary engraving or acrylic plates for rotary and laser engraving. UV-resistant acrylic ensures your message won't fade even in sunlight.

Personalize Items with Engraving Plates

Contrasting Color Engraving: Easily create engraved messages in a contrasting color by removing the surface layer of the plates, resulting in clear and highly visible text or designs.
Versatile Material Options: Choose from ABS plates, compatible with rotary engraving machines, or acrylic plates, suitable for both rotary and laser engraving applications, providing versatility to meet your specific needs.
UV-Resistant Acrylic: The acrylic plates are UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability and preventing fading or discoloration when exposed to sunlight, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Ideal for Various Applications: Whether you're creating personalized gifts, labeling equipment, or adding branding to your products, our Engraving Plates offer a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.
Professional Results: Achieve professional-looking results with crisp and precise engraving on the durable ABS or acrylic plates, enhancing the appearance and value of your items or projects.
Durable Construction: Both ABS and acrylic plates boast durable construction, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring your engraved messages remain intact over time.
Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of engraving machines, our Engraving Plates offer wide compatibility and seamless integration into your existing workflow or production process.


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