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Emergency Stop Lockouts BAN-D54

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Material: Engineering Plastic Weight: 42g Color: Red

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D54

Emergency Stop Lockouts BAN-D54

Ensure workplace safety with our Emergency Stop Lockouts BAN-D54, crafted from durable engineering plastic in a vibrant red color for high visibility. Designed for permanent installation on push-pull or spiral release emergency stop buttons, these lockout devices prevent accidental touches, promoting a secure work environment.

Ensure Machinery Safety with BAN-D54 Emergency Stop Lockouts

Durable Engineering Plastic: Constructed from sturdy engineering plastic, our Emergency Stop Lockouts BAN-D54 offer robust protection against accidental activation of emergency stop buttons, ensuring long-lasting durability in industrial settings.
Vibrant Red Color: The vibrant red color of these lockout devices enhances visibility, making them easily identifiable on machinery and equipment, thus promoting safety awareness among personnel.
Permanent Installation: Designed to be permanently installed on push-pull or spiral release emergency stop buttons, these lockout devices provide a reliable barrier to prevent accidental touches, minimizing the risk of workplace accidents.
Compact Design: With dimensions of 50mm in length, 47.3mm in width, and 31.9mm in height, the BAN-D54 lockout device features a compact and ergonomic design that fits securely over emergency stop buttons, ensuring effective lockout functionality.
Versatile Installation Options: The lockout device is equipped with an installing hole inside diameter of either 22mm/30mm, offering versatility to accommodate different sizes of emergency stop buttons commonly found in industrial machinery.
Prevents Accidental Touch: By permanently covering emergency stop buttons, these lockout devices prevent unauthorized access and inadvertent activations, enhancing workplace safety and reducing the risk of equipment damage or injuries.
Easy Identification: The conspicuous red color and compact design of the lockout device allow operators to easily identify and locate emergency stop buttons, facilitating quick response during emergency situations.
Lightweight Construction: Weighing just 42g, the BAN-D54 lockout device features a lightweight construction that does not add unnecessary bulk to machinery or equipment, ensuring ease of installation and operation.
Compliance Assurance: Manufactured to meet industry safety standards, our Emergency Stop Lockouts (BAN-D54) provide assurance of compliance with regulatory requirements, helping organizations maintain a safe and compliant work environment.


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