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Emergency Stop Lockout BAN-D51/BAN-D52

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Material: High Strength Transparent Glass Resin PC Colour: Clear

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D51, BAN-D52

Emergency Stop Lockout BAN-D51/BAN-D52

Ensure workplace safety with our Emergency Stop Lockout (BAN-D51/BAN-D52), crafted from high-strength transparent glass resin PC for durability and visibility. Designed to install securely on controller buttons, these lockout devices prevent accidental activation, promoting a safe working environment.

Safeguard Machinery with BAN-D51/BAN-D52 Emergency Stop Lockout

High-Strength Transparent Glass Resin PC: Constructed from durable and transparent glass resin PC material, our Emergency Stop Lockout (BAN-D51/BAN-D52) provides robust protection while ensuring visibility of controller buttons.
Clear Color: The clear color of these lockout devices allows for easy identification of controller buttons, enhancing safety awareness in industrial settings.
Secure Installation: Designed to be installed permanently on controller buttons, these lockout devices prevent accidental touches and activations, reducing the risk of workplace accidents.
BAN-D51 Specifications: With a height of 31.9mm, outer diameter of 49.6mm, and inner diameter of 22mm for the installation hole, the BAN-D51 lockout device offers precise compatibility with controller buttons.
BAN-D52 Specifications: Featuring identical dimensions to the BAN-D51 model, the BAN-D52 lockout device is equipped with an inner diameter of 30mm for the installation hole, catering to a broader range of controller buttons.
Versatile Compatibility: Both the BAN-D51 and BAN-D52 lockout devices are compatible with various types of controller buttons, making them suitable for use across different machinery and equipment configurations.
Enhanced Safety Measures: By securely covering controller buttons, these lockout devices prevent unauthorized access and inadvertent activations, promoting a safer work environment for personnel.
Easy Identification: The transparent design of the lockout devices allows operators to easily identify the status of controller buttons, facilitating quick decision-making during emergency situations.
Compliance Assurance: Manufactured in compliance with industry safety standards, our Emergency Stop Lockout (BAN-D51/BAN-D52) provides peace of mind for facility managers and safety officers, helping organizations maintain regulatory compliance and prevent workplace incidents.

Part Code

BAN-D51Height: 31.9mm; outer diameter: 49.6mm; install hole; inner diameter: 22mm

Height: 31.9mm; outer diameter: 49.6mm; install hole; inner diameter: 30mm


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