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Electric Power Isolation Insulation Hasps Lockouts BAN-K41/K42/43

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Material: Plastic Color: Red

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-K41, BAN-K42, BAN-K43

Electric Power Isolation Insulation Hasps Lockouts BAN-K41/K42/K43

Enhance electrical safety protocols with Electric Power Isolation Insulation Hasps Lockouts, available in vibrant red color for increased visibility. Crafted from durable plastic, these lockouts facilitate multi-worker lockout procedures, keeping equipment inoperative during maintenance or repairs. With spark-proof nylon construction and the capacity to accommodate up to 6 padlocks, these lockouts ensure comprehensive electrical isolation for enhanced workplace safety.

Ensure Electrical Safety with BAN-K41/K42/K43 Electric Power Isolation Insulation Hasps Lockouts

Multi-Worker Lockout Capability: Designed to facilitate lockout procedures by multiple workers at each lockout point, these insulation hasps enhance workplace safety protocols by ensuring collaborative equipment isolation during maintenance or repair tasks.
Durable Plastic Construction: Crafted from high-quality plastic material, these lockouts offer durability and longevity, withstanding frequent use and harsh environmental conditions for reliable performance in industrial settings.
Vibrant Red Color: Featuring a vibrant red color, these lockouts provide increased visibility, making it easy to identify and locate lockout points within the facility, even from a distance, for enhanced safety awareness.
Equipment Inoperability Assurance: Securely lockout electrical equipment to prevent accidental activation or operation during repair or adjustment procedures, ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel and preventing potential accidents or injuries.
Spark-Proof Nylon Construction: Constructed from spark-proof nylon material, these lockouts offer additional safety measures, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards.
Accommodates Multiple Padlocks: With the capacity to hold up to 6 padlocks, these insulation hasps provide versatile lockout options, allowing for secure isolation of equipment with multiple access points or by multiple workers simultaneously.
Easy-to-Use Design: Featuring a user-friendly design, these lockouts are easy to install and remove, streamlining the lockout process and minimizing downtime during maintenance or repair operations.
Suitable for Various Applications: Ideal for use in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, and other workplaces with electrical equipment, these lockouts offer versatile lockout solutions for comprehensive electrical isolation and safety.
Compliance with Safety Standards: Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards by incorporating these insulation hasps into your lockout/tagout procedures, providing a reliable and effective means of electrical isolation for maintenance and repair activities.


BAN-K41                           BAN-K42                            BAN-K43






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