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Control Panel Lockout BAN-D65

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Material: Engineering Plastic Color: Transparent

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D65

Control Panel Lockout BAN-D65

Secure control panels effectively with the Control Panel Lockout BAN-D65. Crafted from transparent engineering plastic, this lockout features a support frame for easy operation and offers versatile mounting options for enhanced convenience and customization.

Safeguard Control Panels with BAN-D65 Lockout Device

Transparent Engineering Plastic Construction: Made from durable and see-through engineering plastic, providing visibility while ensuring robust protection for control panels.
Support Frame Design: Features a support frame for convenient operation, allowing users to easily access and manipulate controls while the panel remains securely locked.
Versatile Mounting Options: Can be fixed using self-tapping screws or 3M double-sided adhesive, offering flexible installation solutions to suit various panel configurations and surfaces.
Customizable Design: This product can be customized according to specific requirements, with options for plated steel or transparent covers for bottom customization, providing tailored solutions for different applications.
Enhanced Safety: Prevents unauthorized access to control panels, reducing the risk of tampering, accidents, and damage to equipment or processes.
Easy to Install: Simple and straightforward installation process ensures quick setup and implementation, minimizing downtime and disruption to operations.
Visible Lockout Status: Transparent construction allows for visual confirmation of lockout status, enhancing safety awareness and compliance with lockout/tagout procedures.
Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for use in various industrial settings, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, commercial buildings, and utility plants, where control panel security is essential.


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