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Compact Safety Lockout Kit with Smart IC Card Padlock(TC18-1)

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-TC18-1

Compact Safety Lockout Kit with Smart IC Card Padlock(TC18-1)

Enhance workplace safety with the Compact Safety Lockout Kit featuring a Smart IC Card Padlock (TC18-1). This comprehensive kit includes a 3-pocket lockout pouch and various essential lockout devices, ensuring efficient and secure lockout procedures.

Ensure Comprehensive Safety with Compact Safety Lockout Kit Featuring Smart IC Card Padlock (TC18-1)

Smart IC Card Padlock: Includes two 38mm Steel Shackle Smart Card Padlocks (SC02J) with advanced security features for reliable lockout protection.
Versatile Lockout Devices: Features one steel hasp lockouts (BAN-K01), two multi-functional breaker lockouts (BAN-D95), and one a universal circuit breaker lockout (BAN-D20RED).
Compact and Portable: The kit comes with a 3-pocket lockout pouch (BAN-T21) for convenient storage and transport of lockout devices, ensuring readiness for lockout procedures anywhere in the facility.
Comprehensive Protection: Includes one easily circuit breaker lockouts (BAN-D87) for quick and effective lockout of circuit breakers, along with 12 "Do Not Operate" safety tags (BAN-P04) for clear communication and hazard identification.
Efficient Lockout Procedures: Enables efficient and compliant lockout procedures, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, and equipment damage in industrial settings.
High-Quality Construction: Made from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding work environments.
User-Friendly Design: Easy-to-use lockout devices facilitate quick installation and removal, streamlining lockout processes and enhancing workplace productivity.
Suitable for Multiple Applications: Ideal for use in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, maintenance operations, and other industrial environments requiring effective lockout/tagout procedures.
Compliance and Safety: Helps organizations comply with safety regulations and standards, promoting a safer work environment and preventing accidents and injuries.

Item No
Product Name
38mm Steel Shackle Smart Card Padlock
3-Pocket Lockout Pouch
Steel Hasp Lockouts (1")
Multi-functional Breaker Lockouts
Universal Circuit Breaker Lockout (Red)
Easily Circuit Breaker Lockouts
“Do Not Operate” Safety Tags


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