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Circuit Breaker Lockout BAN-D92

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Material: Nylon + Fiber Weight: 82g Color: Red

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D92

Circuit Breaker Lockout BAN-D92

Enhance workplace safety with the Circuit Breaker Lockout BAN-D92. Crafted from durable nylon and fiber material, along with stainless steel and PVC components, this lockout device is ideal for industrial circuit breakers. With wide compatibility for 3-phase circuit breakers and the ability to accommodate up to 10 safety padlocks, it provides robust lockout solutions for enhanced electrical safety.

Ensure Effective Lockout with BAN-D92 Circuit Breaker Lockout

Durable Construction: Made of high-quality nylon, fiber, stainless steel, and PVC materials, ensuring durability and reliability for long-term use in industrial environments.
Versatile Compatibility: Widely suitable for 3-phase circuit breakers commonly found in industrial settings, providing versatile lockout solutions for various equipment configurations.
Enhanced Safety: Designed to enhance workplace safety by effectively preventing unauthorized access to circuit breakers, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents and injuries.
Compact Size: With dimensions of 96mm (W) * 103mm (D) * 25mm (H), it is compact and space-saving, allowing for easy installation and storage.
Twist Handle Fixed Screw: Features a twist handle fixed screw mechanism for secure locking, ensuring reliable lockout procedures without the risk of accidental disengagement.
Padlock Compatibility: Accommodates up to 10 safety padlocks with a shackle diameter of less than 7mm, providing increased security and flexibility in lockout applications.
High-Visibility Design: Vibrant red color ensures clear identification of locked-out circuit breakers, enhancing safety measures and facilitating visual communication in the workplace.
Easy to Use: Offers simple and intuitive operation, allowing for quick and efficient lockout procedures without the need for specialized tools.
Comprehensive Protection: Provides comprehensive protection against electrical hazards, corrosion, and tampering, ensuring reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.
Compliance with Standards: Meets industry standards and safety regulations, ensuring compliance with lockout/tagout procedures and guidelines for workplace safety.


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