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Button Lockouts BAN-D59

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Material: Transparent high-strength glass resin Weight: 25g Color: Transparent

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D59

Button Lockouts BAN-D59

Safeguard your equipment with Button Lockouts BAN-D59, crafted from transparent high-strength glass resin material, ensuring durability and visibility. These lockouts are designed for easy installation on emergency stop buttons, offering permanent protection against accidental activation. With three diameter options (30mm, 24mm, 22mm) and weighing just 25g, they provide versatile and lightweight lockout solutions.

Safeguard Machinery with BAN-D59 Button Lockouts

Transparent Glass Resin Construction: Made of high-strength glass resin material, providing durability and visibility for reliable equipment lockout protection.
Easy Installation: Simple installation process involves attaching the base seat to the bottom of the emergency switch, allowing for hassle-free installation and removal whenever required.
Versatile Lockout Application: Designed to be permanently installed on push-pull or spiral release emergency stop buttons, preventing accidental touch and ensuring equipment safety.
Multiple Diameter Options: Three sizes - 30mm, 24mm, and 22mm diameter, providing compatibility with a wide range of emergency stop button sizes.
Lightweight Design: Weighing just 25g, these lockouts are lightweight and easy to handle, facilitating quick installation and removal without added bulk.
Permanent Protection: Offers permanent protection against accidental activation of emergency stop buttons, enhancing safety protocols and preventing equipment damage.
Enhanced Visibility: Transparent design ensures clear visibility of emergency stop buttons, allowing for easy identification and monitoring of lockout status.
Durable and Resilient: Resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance in industrial environments with frequent use and exposure to harsh conditions.


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