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Brass Safety Waterproof Lockout Lock Beian-Lock BAN-6322-6538

Material: Solid Copper Alloy Color: Golden

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Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: 6322-6538

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Brass Safety Waterproof Lockout Lock Beian-Lock BAN-6322-6538

Secure your assets with confidence using the Brass Safety Waterproof Lockout Lock from Beian-Lock. Crafted from solid copper alloy, both the lock body and shackle are waterproof and durable, ensuring reliable protection in various environments. The lock cylinder, also made of copper alloy, boasts highly anti-picking performance and excellent resistance to tampering and impact. With superior brass materials and advanced production technology, this lock is ideal for use in lockout/tagout systems, providing robust security for your valuable assets.

Ensure Waterproof Safety with Beian-Lock BAN-6322-6538 Brass Lockout Lock

Solid Copper Alloy Construction: Both the lock body and shackle are made of solid copper alloy, offering waterproof and durable performance for reliable asset protection.
Highly Anti-Picking Cylinder: The lock cylinder, constructed from copper alloy material, features highly anti-picking performance, ensuring enhanced security against unauthorized access.
Excellent Anti-Tamper and Anti-Impact: Designed with excellent anti-tamper and anti-impact properties, providing additional layers of security to prevent tampering and damage.
Superior Brass Materials: Crafted from superior brass materials and utilizing advanced production technology, ensuring quality and longevity for long-term use.
Suitable for Lockout/Tagout Systems: Ideal for use in lockout/tagout systems, offering robust security measures to prevent accidents and unauthorized access to equipment.
Golden Color: Features a golden color finish, adding a touch of elegance while providing high visibility in various settings.
Waterproof Design: Waterproof construction ensures reliable performance even in wet or outdoor environments, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

1 piece safety padlock with 1 piece key.

1 piece safety padlock in a mini box.


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