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ABB Type Electrical Lockout BAN-D22

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Color: Yellow

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Location: Toronto

Brands Beian Lock

Product Code: BAN-D22

ABB Type Electrical Lockout Beian-Lock BAN-D22

Enhance electrical safety with our ABB Type Electrical Breaker Lockout Device Beian-Lock BAN-D22. Safeguard single or multi-pole RCCBs in ‘on’ or ‘off’ positions using the vibrant yellow lockout. Secure with non-conductive padlocks (shackle diameter: 3-4mm) for compliance and protection against electrical hazards.

ABB Type Electrical Lockout Beian-Lock BAN-D22: Secure Lockout Tagout Equipment

ABB Type Electrical Lockout: Safeguard electrical equipment effectively with the ABB Type Electrical Industrial Safety Locks Beian-Lock BAN-D22, ensuring comprehensive energy isolation.
Industrial-Grade Security: Elevate workplace safety with this industrial electrical lockout solution, designed to meet the demands of industrial environments.
Single or Multi-Pole Lockout: Optimized for securing single or multi-pole RCCBs, providing versatility for various circuit breaker types.
On/Off Position Locking: Lock the RCCB in either the ‘on’ or ‘off’ position, ensuring proper lockout tagout procedures and preventing unauthorized operation.
Striking Yellow Color: Enhance visibility and identification with the vibrant yellow color, reinforcing safety protocols during lockout procedures.
Padlock Compatibility: Secure using non-conductive padlocks with a shackle diameter between 3-4mm, offering flexibility in locking options.
Compliance Assurance: Adhere to safety regulations and industry standards with this ABB Type Electrical Lockout, promoting safe work practices.
Efficient Energy Isolation: Prevent electrical hazards and potential accidents by efficiently isolating energy sources using this lockout device.
Quick Setup, Enhanced Safety: Easily install the lockout for efficient lockout tagout, minimizing downtime and safeguarding workers. Protective design isolates electrical equipment during maintenance, ensuring personnel and equipment safety.


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