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Industrial Safety Locks

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Lockout Station BAN-B103
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Material: Polycarbonate Material, Size: 393mm x 596mm x 114mm, Weight: 4,152g..

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Lockout Station BAN-B104
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Material: Polycarbonate Material, Size: 558mm x 279mm x 101mm, Weight: 2,720g..

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Lockout Station Beian Lock BAN-B106
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Lockout Station Beian Lock BAN-B106Made of Mild steel with heavy-duty powder coating withstands outdoor elements and provides corrosion resistance.Wall mouinted for accessibility.The clear visible windows for viewing permit and keys during lockout.The lock caddy for easy transportation of equipment locks to isolation points during lockout.A series of lock holes for personal safety lock, and a latch hole designated for the control lock.Store the documents inside which will show the procedure and ..

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The lockout/tagout procedure is a safety protocol used to prevent hazardous energy release while servicing or maintaining equipment. It involves locking and tagging energy-isolating devices to prevent accidental startup or release of stored energy.

One of the most critical components of this procedure is the use of lockout locks, which are essential for securing energy-isolating devices during maintenance or repair work. Lockout locks are utilized in a wide range of devices and equipment, including electrical switches, circuit breakers, valves, machinery, industrial equipment, elevators, forklifts, storage tanks, and laboratory equipment.

Lockout locks are designed to be tamper-proof, durable, and easily identifiable. They typically come in bright colors like red or yellow, making them highly visible, and are often marked with the name of the worker who installed them, the date, and other pertinent information.

In summary, lockout locks are a crucial part of the lockout/tagout procedure, and their use is essential for worker safety. They are used in a wide range of devices and equipment to prevent the accidental release of stored energy, ensuring that maintenance and repair work can be completed safely and efficiently.