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Customized Tag Solutions

Plastic Write-On Tags Pre order
Plastic Write-On Tags

Plastic Write-On TagsExplore the versatility of Plastic Write-On Tags, perfect for labeling various items with ease. Crafted from durable cardstock material, these tags offer reliability for your labeling needs. With a thickness of 0.03cm and steel grommets for secure attachment, they provide a practical solution for organizing and identifying items in any setting.Versatile Labeling Solutions for Your NeedsDurable Cardstock: Made from high-quality cardstock material, these tags offer durability ..

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Rejected B6454 Pre order
Rejected B6454

Rejected B6454Identify rejected items swiftly and efficiently with these Red B6454 Rejected Tags. Crafted from durable cardstock in a vibrant red hue, these tags offer high visibility. Featuring a convenient size of 120.7mm x 60.3mm x 0.3mm, they are equipped with a 6.4mm hole. Perfect for categorizing and managing rejected items in various settings.Identify and Remove Rejected Items with B6454 TagsHigh Visibility: Designed in a striking red color, these tags ensure quick and easy identification..

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