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Insulative Nylon Shackle Lockout Safety Padlock 202

  • $ 15.11

Material: Imported Dupont Nylon + Nylon Shackle Dimension: 42×45×20.5mm Shackle Diameter: 6.3mm Shackle Height: 38mm Weight: 76.51g (Incl. One Key)

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Availability: 50-60 days

Product Code: 202


1. The lock body are made of Imported Dupont Nylon material ,meet the OSHA1910.147 regulations.

2. 38mm nylon shackle height available,and the nylon shackle is passed tensile test.

3. Made of all brass cylinder.

4. KD,KA,MK or KAMK available.

5. 8 colors can be selected, Red,Orange,Yellow,Blue,Green,White,Purple and Black .It also can be customized.

8. With strongly key retaining features.




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