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What Equipment Requires a Lockout-Tagout Procedure?

Posted By: Amanda R. Redford Comments: 0 Times Read: 117

In order to be lockout-tagout compliant according to the OSHA standard 1910.147, Control of Hazardous Energy, there are five components that must be met. The five components consist of a corporate policy, lockout-tagout locks and devices, annual inspection of employees and procedures, authorized and affected training, and machine specific lockout-tagout procedures.

Failure to lockout and tagout leads to costly losses

Posted By: Beian Comments: 0 Times Read: 234

Failure to lockout and tagout leads to costly losses. While many might think of lockout and ragout procedures as something that's not necessary or only necessary in certain situations, we can assure you that it is necessary procedure for maintaining not only a safe workplace, but a successful business.

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